The Top Careers in Forestry

Forestry is a booming career path.  With pollution, dwindling species, increasing pest populations, natural conservation efforts, and more – there are leaders that are needed in the career of Forestry.

Here’s the good news, it’s generally a good paying field that will allow you to interact with nature on a regular basis.  Here are some of the top careers in Forestry along with their average starting salaries:

Forest Planning Manager

forest-planningForest managers are responsible for planning programs, and administering initiatives related to the management of forested lands.  You will utilize forestry management techniques in order to increase the health, productivity, and even the expansion of the forest.  Furthermore, overtime, you will implement new ways to innovate growth techniques to help your goal of managing the health balance between healthy balance of nature.

Forestry Technician

There are over 200 million acres of forest land in the United States of American that need maintenance and protection.  A forest technician will be called upon to perform job duties such as: suppressing wildfires, maintaining campground facilities, cleaning & repairs of trails, aiding the construction of new trails, protecting wilderness area, planting shrubs, selecting which need trees to cut seeding other trees, and interpreting aerial photos to identify timber and habitat types.  According to the BLS – the average earning salary for a Forestry Technician was $33,920.


Park Manager

Park managers are expected to supervise and coordinate the activities of park and recreation staff.  These include day to day operations, construction, park maintenance, recreation areas, and more.  In this job, the park managers are required to use their critical thinking skills, mastery of procedural, regulatory, and policy knowledge to help the park run efficiently.

Conservation Scientist and Foresters

Conservation scientists and foresters can expect to earn $59,060 a year according to the bureau of labor statistics.  People in this career path are expected to manage land quality of parks & even are in charge of overseeing natural resources.  People who follow this career path are usually employed by the government or by private companies/individuals.


Hydrologists study water cycles, distribution, circulation, and even underground water properties.  A hydrologist also works with environmental scientists in many cases in their efforts to preserve and clean the environment.  This career field requires a Master’s degree degree, usually in environmental science, and a hydrologist will be expected to have a license issued by a state licensing board. If one pursues a career down this path, they can expect to make an average salary of $75,530 per year according to the bureau of labor statistics.


In conclusion, there are many excellent career paths in forestry – it is recommended that you achieve a at least a  Master’s degree in this career field as the competition is fierce and the job opportunity limited – when compared to other industries.

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