How to Prepare for Getting a Masters in Forestry Online

Obtaining a Forestry degree online, while rare, is very possible.  There are universities that have SAF accredited online programs so that you can achieve your Master’s degree from the comforts of your own home.  In order to get started, you are going to have to find the answers to three commonly asked questions.

tree-trunk-cutoutWhy you should think about the Forestry career path, what you need in order to get started, and the exact subjects you will be studying.  By performing these three basic steps, you can ensure that you’ll enter your Master’s degree plan with confidence!

Why Should I Study Forestry Online?

Forestry is a booming career path that allows people to make real change in our society.  You will have a profound impact on our natural wildlife – even at an entry level position.  Furthermore, while you are helping the wildlife, you will also benefit the national economy as well.  Now you are able to do this from the comforts of your own home.   This allows you the opportunity to pursue an education on your own time, while tending to your current needs!

What Do I Need to Get Started?

In order to get started, it is required that you have the following for the respective Master’s degree program in which you will be applying for.  Even though it is an online program, the admission into the Master’s degree is still very competitive, rigorous, and requires you to be on you “A game”.

Therefore, you will be required to make sure that you matchup to the university’s basic GPA requirements.  Furthermore, you will want to pay for and submit the application, submit undergraduate transcripts, write a formal essay, and acquire letters of recommendations from past professors.

It is important that you have a Bachelor’s degree in Conservation & Sustainability, Environmental Studies/Sciences, Biology, Wildlife Conservation, or Agriculture.  There are some exceptions made for Geology & Organizational Management majors, however, the University may require further steps to be taken.

What Will I Be Studying?

There are multiple Master’s degree courses that will be offered at various online universities such as Botany, Wildlife Science, Entomology (the study of anatomy and behavior of insects), Morphology (the study of the structure of various organisms), and Dendrology (study of wooded plants).

What Careers Can I Pursue After?

Many people concentrate on the studies without a career in mind, in order to prepare yourself adequately, it is critical that you know exactly what career path you are going to takes so that you can go about majoring in the right concentration!

Conservation Technician – You will be expected to use modern technology in order to improve the conditions of forests and rangelands.   Furthermore, you will be providing technical assistance and compiling data for those interested in acquiring water and soil information in a particular area.

Conservation Scientist – You will be expected to manage and oversee the quality of land, forests, and other natural environments/ resources.  Furthermore, you will be expected to assess the current state of the natural plant and wildlife that roams within a forest.

Botanist – A botanist takes specimen from the forests and analyzes them in a lab.  Many industries outside Forestry use the data acquired by the Botanist.


In conclusion, by choosing Forestry, you are ensuring yourself of an enjoyable career path in which you will be able to have a major impact on our natural environment!  By fully preparing yourself to get a Master’s degree, you will be able to gain the confidence necessary to excel in your quest to get accepted.

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